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a whole-body diagnostic tool ... a client favorite!



• foundational biomarkers that may need additional support

• mental/emotional markers that are adding to your stress and toxic load burden

• vertebrae biomarker responses

• specific essential oils that would be beneficial

• specific therapies/service recommendations that might prove beneficial


we can meet locally!

Winnsboro, Quitman, Yantis,  Holly Lake Ranch, Hawkins, Alba, Golden, Mineola, Como, Pickton, ask about other cities!

ZYTO Balance Scan

  • • currently available to local clients in Northeast Texas.  

  • • foundational scan -  10  minutes total (or less) hand scan • brief results overview, which will point you in a foundational direction • results and summary explanation will be emailed to you after the appointment • recommendations for essential oils to further balance and support foundational systems • opportunity to purchase quality essential oils at a 24% discount (orders are placed on the 1st of each month)

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