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Price Includes:

• detailed intake paperwork

• nutritional assessment questionnaire

• terrain assessment questionnaire

• personalized research for your cancer and current treatment

• CBC analysis from current records

• initial interview visit (90 min)

• foundational priorities documented & provided

• supplement recommendations 

• email & text support during this process during most daylight hours

STEP ONE - Cancer Assessment

  • This is the cancer starter package for those with a current diagnosis or who are in  remission.  We get to know you and get the ball rolling.  There is a little more paperwork than a basic package and much more research.  This assessment will be tailored to you and only you.  • Step One is designed to be completed within 1 month. Time and unexpected events happen. Your pracitioner puts in much work during this period. If the intake paperwork is not completed by the client within 3 months, after multiple attempts at communication by the practitioner to the client, the client file will be archived, and no refund will be given.

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