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My name is Stacey Shortridge

Lao Tzu once said: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." --- Let's take those first steps together.  


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let's get acquainted ...

A little about us ...

Our approach is not just about treating symptoms. As an NTP and an ONC*, we focus on the Naturopathic principle of “the healing power of nature” and emphasize getting your body back into homeostasis (balance).  We do this with a natural diet and mindful lifestyle practices.  Together, we delve into the root causes of your health issues.  We advocate using natural healing methods to support and restore the body's intrinsic self-regulating and self-healing mechanisms instead of treating symptoms with integrative therapies. 

We also specialize in oncology nutritional support. This client-centered, research-based field of cancer care utilizes nutritional and lifestyle interventions alongside conventional cancer treatments. “It has been estimated by the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund that 30–40% of all cancers can be prevented by diet and physical activity.”  That number may indeed be much higher.  

We do not offer our thoughts on conventional therapies; instead, we work alongside your current medical team to provide additional specialized care. This therapeutic approach aims to assist with and prevent cancer, enhance your quality of life, and complement and improve your response to conventional treatment. We use a bio-individualized tailored diet, lifestyle, and supplement protocols created, monitored, and adapted based on the client's changing requirements. Our support also encompasses those with "predispositions" and those in remission.   The evidence is mounting that diets based on specific foods can be beneficial to patients with cancer in survivorship and possibly for the prevention of metastases (spread) or recurrences. 

To sum it up, whether it be an traditional nutritional therapy for things like an autoimmune conditions and chronic pain, or a specialized approach to your cancer, our focus is to support the whole person, not the disease/tumor.  We aim to replace, replenish, balance, harmonize, cleanse, and activate the healing forces within to achieve clinical stability, quality, and life extension.

What types of other services do you offer ...

Locally, we offer therapies for pain management, such as red light, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field), negative ion, and far infrared therapies. We offer these in our cozy home office or in the convenience of your own home.  This especially benefits the elderly who have difficulty getting out of the house.  

We offer nutrigenomic testing packages.  We have relatively inexpensive options (starting at $140) for you to get the scoop on your genes and how they affect your health. This is probably my favorite testing of all.  Imagine knowing exactly what nutritional pathways work and don't work for you and your family and supporting them before you ever get disease.  We also have access to specialized testing, such as the GI-map and simple lab testing in house for things like Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, A1C, and Omega 3-6 ratio. In addition, we have the ability to order just about any lab test you need either privately or through our physician based service provider.  Plus we provide access to quality supplements at a discount.  


What training have you had?


Certifications for:

• Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association.   

• Zyto Balance (Galvanic Skin Response)

• Red Light Therapy 

• PEMF Therapy (pulsed electromagnetic field)


• *Currently enrolled (and 3/4 the way through) in a year long, master's level, certification program for Oncology Nutrition Consulting from the Oncology Nutrition Institute.  


In addition, I have completed training in

• Nutrition and CBC Blood Testing

• Interpreting Lab Results with Biomed

• Applications of the Ketogenic Diet in Clinical Settings (as it applies to cancer)

• Introduction to Bioregulatory Medicine. 


To sum it all up …


“Though the journey looks different for everyone, the destination most of us strive to reach is a place of total wellness: a clear, sharp mind; a strong, capable body; energy to follow our passions; and time to spend with the people we love. More than anything, we want to feel good in our own skin and enjoy each moment to the fullest.”


This brings us back to our original quote by Lao Tau: ”The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Let's take those first steps together. 

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